Are you thinking about doing epoxy flooring for your home or office? In this post, we will run through the pros and cons of getting epoxy floors for your residential, commercial, or even industrial space. Keep in mind that no type of flooring is perfect. However, each one has certain advantages and disadvantages. Consider what you want and need from your floors when deciding which option to go with.  

If you are looking for advice and have questions about epoxy or other floors, feel free to contact COAT Systems. We specialize in epoxy floor installation and repair, serving clients across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our experts are happy to assist you and provide you with a free consultation. We are proud to provide quality products and workmanship alongside ongoing support and superior service. In addition to that, our clients get a seven-year warranty from us, which covers against peeling, blistering, and flaking. 

Pros of epoxy flooring: 

  • Epoxy flooring is more affordable and economical than other types of floors. It is not as expensive, so epoxy makes a good choice for people who want to get new floors but can’t afford to spend a lot of money. 
  • Epoxy is resistant to chemicals, water, and heat. It is also resistant to scratches. As such, epoxy flooring can be commonly found in schools, factories, stores, as well as other places. 
  • Epoxy floors can be customized. They come in many different colors and finishes, so if you want to enhance the overall aesthetic of a space, consider getting epoxy. 

Cons of epoxy flooring: 

  • Epoxy flooring is more slippery when wet. It goes without saying that when any type of floor is wet with water or other liquids, the flooring will be slippery. Walking on wet floors is not nearly as safe, and to lower the risk of someone slipping and falling, consider texturizing the surface of the floor. Something else to keep in mind is to avoid installing epoxy in areas that are prone to spills. When spills do occur, try to clean up as soon as possible. 


  • The epoxy coating requires preparation of the existing flooring. Concrete floors have to be clean and cracks have to be filled beforehand to ensure the coating goes on smoothly. Preparing the floor takes time, but an expert team can ensure the preparation process is executed well. 
  • Epoxy floors need to be done correctly for the best results. Therefore, it is recommended you don’t try to do it yourself, but rather hire professionals who have training and experience. It takes time and skill to apply the epoxy coating on the floor. If done improperly, the epoxy won’t last as long and will not be as effective. 


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