epoxy floor coating pickering

Are you looking for epoxy floor coating in Pickering? COAT Systems can assist you with design, installations, and maintenance

Why should you install an epoxy floor in your home or office? 

  • The coating is waterproof and resistant against chemicals.
  • It is durable, so the coating will last many years. 
  • Epoxy helps protect against regular wear and tear.
  • The floor is easy to clean and maintain.

Should you get a conductive epoxy floor? 

Floors that won’t produce an electric charge are perfect from warehouses, labs, equipment hangars, aircraft hangars, electronics manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical plants, and others. Our conductive epoxy floors follow regulated EOS and ESD standards. The flooring is resistant to many chemicals, making it safe for your workplace.

Why hire COAT Systems for Pickering floor coating?

COAT Systems is the number one rated floor coating contractor in Ontario, Canada. We have been installing floors for many years, so we have experience in the industry. We always test our epoxy products to ensure they meet the highest standard before we sell them to our clients or use them in projects. Our technicians have the training to handle the equipment used in preparing your floor and applying the coating. We provide an affordable rate and provide a certificate of warranty. 

What are our clients saying about our work?

“COAT Systems are the best in the business. I hired them for a flooring project, and I would definitely hire them again.” -Natalie S.

“They gave me a great quote, and COAT Systems completed the epoxy floor for my garage on time.” Ben F.

“Thank you COAT Systems. I’m so happy with the job you guys did for my garage. The epoxy looks much better than the concrete. I highly recommend them for all your floor refinishing needs.” -Jessica G.

Interested in learning more about epoxy floor coating? Email us at info@coatsystems.com or call us at 647-649-8999 for a free consultation. 


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