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A beautifully unique choice for interior design.

Want a floor that looks like marble without the hassle of deterioration and maintenance? COAT Systems has your back! Our professionally installed metallic epoxy floors are six times as durable as concrete. Transform your home today!

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

⦁ Protection against weathering and erosion
⦁ Enhanced overall aesthetic
⦁ High Durability
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Scratch-resistant
⦁ Chemical-resistant
⦁ Easy to maintain

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Will it fit my home design?

Yes! Metallic floors when applied start as a coloured epoxy liquid. It can be mixed with other epoxies to achieve the desired marble effect. Our designer will run through some options with you to ensure that the outcome is a result that you are proud of!

COAT Seal of Approval – 7-Year Warranty

Our Floors are tough. And to show you how confident we are, all COAT floors are covered for 7-years against flaking, peeling and blistering.

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