epoxy floor coating caledon

Did you know that epoxy floors are stronger than concrete floors? In fact, epoxy is 6 times stronger, which means they are more durable and will last longe

Benefits of getting epoxy floors in Caledon:

  1. The floor is scratch-resistant and built to last for many years.
  2. Epoxy is stronger than concrete.
  3. It is waterproof.
  4. The floor is not slippery.
  5. Epoxy protects from regular wear and tear.

What is our epoxy floor process?

First, we prepare the surface for epoxy. We will fill cracks and clean any dust and debris. Next, we seal the floor with a primer. We ensure the entire floor is properly coated. The last step is a final clear topcoat. We recommend giving the floor one or two days to dry.

How can COAT Systems help you with your floors?

Our crew members have the knowledge and experience to assist you with epoxy floor coating. We will support you by answering your questions and walking you through the process. Our team are trained to handle all the necessary products and equipment. We test the products before we use them to ensure they meet high standards. The team behind COAT Systems are committed to providing quality workmanship, offering a 7 year warranty for your floors. Our quotes are competitive in pricing, and we ensure superior customer service.

Read what our clients have to say about us:

“The epoxy floor looks so much better than the concrete floor. It was a pleasure to work with COAT Systems. The team did a great job.” -Leslie M.

“Thanks COAT Systems for answering my questions and being so helpful throughout the process. I’ll be sure to send everyone your way.” -Emily N.

“I am impressed with the quality of work and the speed in which it was done. If you are in Caledon and want your floors redone, be sure to contact COAT Systems.” -Joshua R.

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