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Our Process

The COAT 5-Tier System

At COAT Systems we take pride in our work. Through thousands of successful projects our experienced specialists have learned to deal with any issue that may arise, to ensure that you get the floor you want!

Tier 1: Floor Grinding and Surface Preparation
Preparing the surface to an adequate grade is the most important step in any floor coating application. It is necessary to achieve the correct surface profile for the epoxy to properly bond, if done correctly it will result in a longer lasting and more durable seal.

Our crew assesses the concrete upon arrival to determine the right equipment to use. Then, using our state-of-the-art grinders we profile the entire floor surface until the desired texture is obtained. This step also opens the “pores” of the concrete allowing it to accept the new coat.

Vertical surfaces are also cleaned and prepared to ensure every square inch of concrete is sealed and waterproof.
Tier 2: Crack-Filling and Pit Repair
Filling cracks and pits is important for ensuring that your floors epoxy finish is seamless. At COAT Systems, we use Penetron fast-curing cement products to ensure your concrete is completely level before the epoxy is applied.

Any bumps of areas the concrete may stick out are ground down to ensure your surface is perfectly smooth..

Any dust and debris caused by this process is then vacuumed up.
Tier 3: Colored Epoxy Primer Coat
To fully prepare the surface for the following epoxy coats we must now seal the floor with a primer, if prepared correctly this should be a highly durable bond.

Using a 2-part polyurethane epoxy system, our team mixes the epoxy with a pigment suitable for the overall design. This product is then applied using a squeegee and roller to achieve a 100% coverage rate.
Tier 4a: Decorative Flakes
While the primer is still wet one crew member will cast the chips directly into the base coat. At COAT we ensure that the entire floor is adequately coated by spreading more than is needed during this step.

Once cured excess flake material is removed with a vacuum in preparation for the final step.
Tier 4b: Metallic Finish
Applying it directly onto a wet primer our team begins pouring the epoxy design on choice down onto the floor. To achieve the necessary thickness the floor has been measured out in advance to ensure that the epoxy laid down is an even 40 mils thick.

Any additional designs are now cast directly into this pigmented coat.
Tier 4c: Industrial Sand Epoxy
The chosen grit of sand is now cast directly into the primer and back rolled to ensure an even distribution. The tensile strength is pre-tested onsite before applying it to the larger area.

To achieve an even coat, it is at this step that an additional coat is base is applied with another cast of sand. This gives the floor a durable, non-slip finish suitable for industrial purposes.

For this flooring system this is also the final coat.
Tier 5: Clear Polyaspartic Topcoat
The final clear topcoat is now applied evenly using rollers and tape. This process is unique to COAT Systems and ensures a topcoat finish that is much more durable and consistent.

It is recommended the floor is given 24 hours of curing time before foot traffic and 48 hours before light vehicular traffic.

The site is now cleaned up and the equipment and materials taken away.

COAT Seal of Approval – 7-Year Warranty

Our Floors are tough. And to show you how confident we are, all COAT floors are covered for 7-years against flaking, peeling and blistering.

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