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Transform your garage with an Epoxy Floor!

Invest in your home with a beautiful, easy-to-clean epoxy floor professionally installed by COAT Systems – The #1 Choice in Ontario. We specialize in the preparation and application of industrial-grade concrete flooring systems.

Benefits of an Epoxy Floor

⦁ Protection against weathering and erosion
⦁ Enhanced overall aesthetic
⦁ High Durability
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Scratch-resistant
⦁ Chemical-resistant
⦁ Easy to maintain

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Our Process

At COAT Systems all our crew members are highly trained in all stages of the application process. First, we ensure the floor is properly prepared, with the floor ground to the correct grading and any pits/cracks filled. Next, our installers meticulously and methodically apply each coat layer by layer until the proper thickness and look is achieved. The whole process can be completed in less than a day.

Our work is our pride and all our floors are guaranteed to be tough, long-lasting and easy-to-maintain. Regardless of the project our experienced crew are ready to deliver you the floor you deserve!

COAT Seal of Approval – 7-Year Warranty

Our Floors are tough. And to show you how confident we are, all COAT floors are covered for 7-years against flaking, peeling and blistering.

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We have the experience and knowledge to make your job a success. We have the perfect combination of knowledge, experience coupled with high quality products to make every job a success!

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